12 days of anime Presents: 02. E.T. in Gugure! Kokkuri-san

E.T. from home
E.T. from home

Kokkuri-san is definitely good. It has a lot of things to contemplate on and it has a lot of jokes that are good enough to be funny.

It has a very weird set of characters. And one of them was Yamamoto-kun.

He himself is a very definition of a walking movie tribute and truly an existence that was shrouded in mystery.

And since He was a movie tribute… We got something like this.

Masterani - Watch Gugure! Kokkuri-san - episode 4.mp4_snapshot_18.42_[2014.10.28_08.02.27]

While for me it was a movie tribute, It’s essence was still far from what I can fathom… or really, was it just a movie tribute? or was it something else?