12 days of anime Presents: 02. E.T. in Gugure! Kokkuri-san

E.T. from home
E.T. from home

Kokkuri-san is definitely good. It has a lot of things to contemplate on and it has a lot of jokes that are good enough to be funny.

It has a very weird set of characters. And one of them was Yamamoto-kun.

He himself is a very definition of a walking movie tribute and truly an existence that was shrouded in mystery.

And since He was a movie tribute… We got something like this.

Masterani - Watch Gugure! Kokkuri-san - episode 4.mp4_snapshot_18.42_[2014.10.28_08.02.27]

While for me it was a movie tribute, It’s essence was still far from what I can fathom… or really, was it just a movie tribute? or was it something else?


12 Days of Christmas Presents: #12. Sengoku Collection and a story of traveling to the future.

Sengoku Collection in a nutshell.

Sengoku Collection may had aired in an earlier year… But who cares.

Sengoku Collection is a show where a certain hero/heroine travels back to sengoku period to see how history unfolds the Prominent people from the past (most of them in the Sengoku period with the exception of Liu Bei) and experience the modern life.

This show was rather erratic, and most of the times very crazy. It features their daily lives as they strive to survive the modern world.

Well most of the stories are heartwarming, some of them was funny and few of them are a bit depressing to see that in real life there are those who are in the good path while others (Especially Masamune) Who had lost her way.

The strength of this show was based on the episodes itself.

Well once for a while we got to see how the people of the past see how peaceful the world would be and not the other way around when you hear a ‘sengoku-era’ anime.

This is truly a rare piece of a show.

p.s. they also got a sci-fi episode and a bizarre one. oh, also a poetic one.

Basho is ♥