12 days of anime Presents: 02. E.T. in Gugure! Kokkuri-san

E.T. from home
E.T. from home

Kokkuri-san is definitely good. It has a lot of things to contemplate on and it has a lot of jokes that are good enough to be funny.

It has a very weird set of characters. And one of them was Yamamoto-kun.

He himself is a very definition of a walking movie tribute and truly an existence that was shrouded in mystery.

And since He was a movie tribute… We got something like this.

Masterani - Watch Gugure! Kokkuri-san - episode 4.mp4_snapshot_18.42_[2014.10.28_08.02.27]

While for me it was a movie tribute, It’s essence was still far from what I can fathom… or really, was it just a movie tribute? or was it something else?


12 Days of anime Presents: 05. Mushishi, a masterpiece Ignored by many.

Some shows might have been ignored by the common masses like us. But, there was once a show that it made it’s way through it all. And then there was Mushishi.

The most anticipated sequel of this year.

Some shows might have been ignored by the common masses like us (meh! who watches shows that has no themes of love, friendship, action, hardship and cool protagonists?). But, there was once a show that it made it’s way through it all. And then there was Mushishi.

Mushishi is a piece of diamond scattered in a pile of gems. It was watch by few of us and was only judged by few of us. It was certainly a great experience watching shows like this one of these days.

[HorribleSubs] Mushishi S2 - 17 [720p].mkv_snapshot_10.13_[2014.12.21_07.26.50]

It’s a taste of tradition with a mixture of supernatural and Humanity in the balance. It is a journey of a man named Ginko who travels to help other people who knows and not knows what mushis are. But, not all stories tells about Ginko and his exploits. There are also stories where Ginko was only used as a way to help the other characters to be better. and there are episodes where Ginko just coincidentally¬† meets with people who are troubled by the mushis.

Mushishi has no cute girls, has no fight scenes, has no stories of how great friendship can overcome destiny, has no heroes to salute to, has no idols to love, no great evil that will hamper the great good. Only stories of ordinary people who have been affected by the mushis and how Ginko tries to make them coexist with those creatures unkown to many.

It has stories of great struggle, stories of familial love, has stories which worth better than those cheesy love stories you might have watched, has stories of dark nature, and stories of how Ginko became a mushishi.

A word of advice. Watch Mushishi, you might find it good and might think it’s a masterpiece.

12 Days of Christmas presents: 08. the ‘not so old’ shows. Part 1 of 2

tokyo ravens
tokyo ravens

Sometimes… when the new fad is not worth watching, You just got the urge to watch shows that aired before.

Well, for the sake of this post. I’ll just probably say what are the ideas run inside my head during that time.

  1. Tokyo Ravens.
Fujioshi on the rise
Fujioshi on the rise

Tokyo Ravens was one of the show where I really don’t have a choice but to watch it. (asides when the whole house produces a waterfall… you really don’t have much of a choice because the internet was far and the setup was a bit awkward… I tried to take this show… for once.

Tokyo Ravens is rather anti-climatic when it comes character development and the MC’s shining moment was when he actually get his own power (around 20th episode.) which is well, as much as the show was wasted on him.

Wishing he revived a bit earlier.
Wishing he revived a bit earlier.

consolation: well every fight where Ootomo Jin is involved was a total badass.

Surfing the opponent's water... not impossible for him.
Surfing the opponent’s attack… not impossible for him.

Addendum: Kon is adorable. a must have.


  1. Aria (my xth rewatch)[more like my 2nd]

Aria-Aria is slow, easy and sleep inducing show…

asdafavazvazBut seriously… It was a very good ride despite the fact that it was a truly slow experience. It has a charm where fast shows can’t compete. It has the sense of growing through the seasons and by experiences. It also has many wonderful scenes. It is a good coming-of-age story.

Extra picture:

I can't seem to find any shows with such faces as theirs.
I can’t seem to find any shows with such faces as theirs.
  1. K-on! (so many re-watch that I forgotten how to count back)
in a nutshell.
in a nutshell.

K-on! back in the days was noisy, it was crazy and it truly has a ‘nonsense’ value to it. But, as far as my anime watching is concerned. K-on! was on of my few first animes that actually didn’t make sense when they didn’t and did make sense when they are making sense. It’s more like a ‘Schrodinger’s anime’ except that most of the times it sucks.

the most iconic part of most school-based animes
the most iconic part of most school-based anime

K-on! was; for better, for worse a show that makes us young (or old if you complain too much this show sucks) and makes you relive the moments you had back in the past.

  1. Minami-ke
Getting tied to stop the rain was never this funny.
Getting tied to stop the rain was never this funny.

I’ve heard Minami-ke back when I was still in my college years (more or like 4 years ago). But I never remembered of having the will to watch it. (partly to blame was of lack of DVDs in our place and the lack of info on this one.

Minami-ke was simple, it was something that we may relate to on some other times. This show was truly a good classic despite being a bit prone to use of bakayarou.

01+at+the+shrineExtra Pic:

Hosaka is a crazy narcissist who is bent to make Haruka his wife (or at least join the Volleyball Team).

sunny side up.
sunny side up.

I could have posted a bit more but I rather keep them so that I can have a filler post for he next time.