some story

His POV:

I have heard that once in a while… that once you find that person, you are willing to do whatever it takes just to make that person a part of me… even if I have to make the world my enemy…

Her POV:

I never know what love is… until he say those words to me.

First part: Me, Mikazuki and the small time we spent

I was a just a random visitor visiting my friend who happens to work in a naval base. Despite the tough paper works to be done… I still managed to enter since I am a clean person to begin with. I remember back then that school was never been this hectic nor this organized. Probably since this place is like a unique installation, they have to be weary on who will they accept and who will they reject.

As I wander a bit, I witness the beauty of nature that surrounds me as if it calls to me to settle down here and live as a hermit or something. I passed by an old Sakura tree that was still not in bloom since it’s still cold and the winter hasn’t ended as I speak.

The slightly gray sky made me feel gloomy since it’s been a while since I made a walk and made some effort to walk out of my sanctuary just to help an old friend who was somewhat in dire need. I wonder why he called for me instead of xxx who is more of a leader than I am.

Yeah, I forgot to introduce myself; I am Haruhiko, an aspiring NEET who happens to have real life friends. If I were to describe myself, I can compare myself to an old cat who lazes most of the time. Well, it’s not really new that I look so sleepy since I have a bad body clock that works independently.

I took out my phone and saw the display not displaying any numbers or the code to unlock the screen.

“Ah, this phone is dead. Since I have brought a travel charger with me, I guess he will let me borrow some of his electricity to make this device work.” I said to myself as I scratched my head.

Then, I saw a figure that was waiting for my arrival. It was a young girl who waves her hand back and forth in a childish manner.

I immediately hasten up my speed to see who was the young girl who was waiting for someone as scum as me. A few moments later, I saw that this young girl is indeed young (probably a few years behind Me.), but what makes me unable to resist her charm is probably her freshness is still there and her growth is still not certain. Also, the way she carries herself is somewhat seducing me as a person with no experience with real life girls.

“You must be the commander’s friend? You really looked too shady.” The young girl asked me as she maintains her youthful glow.

“Yes. I am Haruhiko, Haruhiko Stevens.” I casually gave out my name to the young girl as I tried to reach her hand.

The young girl dodges my advance and then she kept both of her hands behind of her back as a sign of being wary of me. But screw that, I still find her presence so adorable enough that I want to cuddle her. The young girl then speaks.

“Are you perhaps, a foreigner? But your language is so natural that I thought you are a local.” She asked me while she tries to hard to understand the predicament she was in.

“Yes, I am of a foreign descent, but I only have 1/8 of it in my generation. You see… my ancestors were a great, and somewhat stupid people who sailed of the ocean just for fun.” I honestly replied to her as I try to make myself a bit presentable to her.

“I see. Oh, I haven’t introduced myself to you. I am Mikazuki, Nice meeting you.” The young girl made some curtsy after she introduced her name to me.

“Mikazuki it is. Mikazuki, can you answer one of my question?” I ask my newly found friend (or rather some target) as I try to look more decent to her eyes.

“What is it? If you ask me what is love? I think I can just kick you and leave you behind.” Mikazuki then immediately tried to draw the line as if she has dealt a lot of people who talked with her.

“Don’t worry, I am not those people. Well… It’s somewhat related, but since I am willing… wait, what Am I saying. This is embarrassing.” I somehow jumbled my words as I try to ask the cute creature that was named Mikazuki.

“Are you perhaps… an M? Sorry to be you, I am not your type then.” She casually rejects me as I try to make a comeback.

“Wait, It’s not what you think of… well, I just want to ask why a young girl like you is inside of a military installation, I mean, does your parents work here and you have to be with them?” I honestly gave her a sensible question since I do find her existence questionable enough not to ignore.

“Ah. No wonder the Commander has called you in. You are rather a sharp guy despite your status.” She grinned as she realized the nature of my question

“Wait, I am just helping out. It’s only for today, right?” I tried to shake the feeling of fear that is being stirred inside of me.

“Yes indeed, but then… to think you are sensible enough to ask me that question… I guess I can trust you even though this might be the last time we will meet.” She winked as she becomes a bit more open to me.

“Umm… Mikazuki-san… who are you?” I inquire the cute but mysterious girl named Mikazuki as I try to get to know her more.

“Well, when I am not at work, call me by my nickname… Call me Mika, also… Let’s take you to the Admiral’s office. He is waiting for you.”

“I forgot. Well then, take me there.” I reached out my hand to Mikazuki as I try to be friendlier.

“Well, you can walk, just follow me. I’ll also tell you what we are.” She dismisses my hand and she immediately walk towards my side.

As we walk, Mikazuki has told me about Ship girls, or Girls who were born from all the good they have. She one of the many shipgirls designated in this base of operations. They also mentioned that the shipgirls is a top secret information and if it was leaked outside, the one who leaked info will be seen in the obituary page the next morning. As we walk and talk, I noticed that she had these small bruise on her arms. She told me that she just came from a sortie and she received a minimal damage from the said engagement.

I tried to take advantage of the situation but I fail miserably as she kicked my knee with all the force she has plus the metallic shoes she is wearing.

“You see… I like you, but I will not allow you to touch me. Behave yourself.” Mikazuki reprimanded me as I try to suppress the pain I feel.

“Yes Ma’am.” I replied her as a sign of respect.

We managed to arrive the office of the admiral after than long detour we made to the Cafeteria as she ordered her favorite dessert, I also bought two and gave her the other one as a peace offering. She gladly accepted it and we both eat it until we realized that we were both procrastinating and forgetting the most important task at hand.

Without a moment’s pause, we arrive at the office Mikazuki opened the door and she took her leave to go to the docks.

“Mister, Nice meeting you then.” Mikazuki looked back as she said goodbye to me.

“It would be nice if you call me Haruhiko this time around since we are friends.” I replied back to Mikazuki who was about to go.

“I see. Haruhiko. Nice meeting you and hope I can see you again.” Mikazuki exits and I immediately enters the office to where my old friend was waiting for me.

Part 2: Me, An old Acquaintance and a deal.

I saw my old friend who was once a scum and he has turned into an Ikemen of an Admiral.

“Haruhiko, Nice seeing you. Oh, After all, I did sent you a letter and I know that you will be here. Well, aren’t you a nice guy?” The old friend of mine started to spout out words as he tried to make me agitate more.

“Well, it’s not like I do not owe you any favor at all, Kirito you are being too verbose.” I replied in the coldest way possible.

“Haruhiko, that is mean. Anyways, I did call you because I have an errand to assign of you.” Kirito then turned his serious business face on.

“Hmm… what is it?” I replied not knowing anything at all.

Have you ever wonder why am I friends with this guy? Simple.

He was the next door neighbor of ours and we always have a competition when we were young. But when we hit college, I had made one of our professors mad and Kirito managed to fix it due to his “influence”. So I did owe him a lot on that part.

Returning to reality

“You know, our system is pretty compromised, I want you to test if you can make it even better. Don’t worry, I’ll pay you a good sum of money since you are such a great talent after all.” Kirito talked in a friendly fashion as he introduced his proposition to me.

“I see. That is why you even want me to stay here if I want to make it as safe as possible.” I replied back to him as I understand the situation he is in.

“That’s correct. Anyways, All of our facilities here is top notch, you can use them all too to your liking except for the docks. Well, you might know the reason for that.” Kirito boasted his facilities as he confirmed the understanding I have.

“Well… How much are you willing to pay me?” I immediately ask him the price.

“Well, since you are not a white hat, I guess you are not regularized. I think I can give you 5 million as a down payment and another 5 million once you finished the fortified data system.” Kirito name his price as he judged my capabilities and my record.

“Hmm… Pretty cheap indeed. There was one IT company that offered me 20 Million once I finished doing the same system that you talk of.” I replied to Kirito as I have stated a different client I had in mind.

“Guh… Okay then. I’ll make it 5 Million Down Payment and additional 10 Million once you finished the system plus you are free to use all of the facilities we have here. I could even get you a personal maid if you want.” Kirito broke down and he tries to make my ends reach.

“Alright. Well, I have one girl in mind. I would like to see her serve me personally 24/7, except when it’s her time to sortie since she needs to fight too.” I made my demands as I agree to his terms and conditions.

“Who was that person, Haruhiko?” Kirito inquired

“Oh, the one who escorted me to this room? Her name is Mikazuki. Yeah, she is Mikazuki.” I replied as I remember the name of the lovely girl I met a while ago.

“Would you like to meet her now?” Kirito asked me.

“Nope. Let her be free today for starting tomorrow, she will serve me.” I honestly replied as I show a grin in my face.

“Well then, nice to have you here.” Kirito shakes his hand to me.

“Well, me too. Nice to work with you too.” I shook his hand as I keep remembering that young girl who is wearing some nice maid clothes.

Somewhere in the docks, Mikazuki was talking to her sisters and then…

Mikazuki: Achoo~

Satsuki: are you alright?

Mikazuki: I am fine.

Kikuzuki: Say, I remember that there was a saying that if you sneeze once, it means that there was a person who thinks of you.

Mikazuki: That is just a saying right?

Fumizuki: why are you shy Mika-chan? Are you somewhat remembering that gentleman that you have escorted a while ago?

Mikazuki: Well, he is just history anyways, and I guess I will not meet him tomorrow.

Mochizuki: Oh yeah, I remember… there was a genius hacker being hired by the commander. He said once that he might have to stay for long periods of time in order for him to fix the whole data system.

Kikuzuki: I see… so there was a person like that too…

Fumizuki: well, I guess tomorrow, we might see him. Right Mika-chan?

Mikazuki: I have a bad feeling about this.

Mikazuki can’t shake the feeling she has inside as she think about the events that happened a while ago.

The morning after

Mikazuki was summoned into the Admiral’s office.

“Commander, I am coming in.” Mikazuki announces her arrival

“Good, Come in.” Kirito answered back.

Soon Mikazuki enters the room and she was immediately shocked by the discovery she just saw.

The early discovery

Mikazuki saw the guy she escorted yesterday sitting on the dedicated computer hub.

“Hi Mikazuki, Nice seeing you today.” I greeted out Mikazuki who was still unable to say anything back.

“Mikazuki, I remember that you recieved formal training on being a house keeper, right?” Kirito asked Mikazuki as he tries to confirm his knowledge is correct.

“Yes. Why did you asked me that Commander?” Mikazuki who just recovered, confirms his knowledge.

“Well… I made a deal with him…” Kirito scratches his head as he tried to explain briefly the situation.

“Let me guess, you got desperate that you started spewing nonsense right, Honestly, Choukai-san will be mad at you if she learns that.” Mikazuki reprimands Kirito as if she was the one in charge.

“Actually, I did made a deal and one part of those conditions is to make one of my girls his personal servant. Sorry, He did ask for your name!” Kirito performed a dogeza as she tries to appease with the dumbfounded Mikazuki.

“Me? His servant?” Mikazuki loss her will to fight back as she heard those lines.

As I stood up, Mikazuki regains her strength and started to run outside of the office.

“Ah… don’t need to be shy. I will catch you. So please do your best.” I spoke those words as I stood up and went outside to catch my prey.

“Haruhiko, what about the program?” Kirito tried stopping me.

“Oh, don’t worry, I am working on it. But I am not comfortable at all if my servant runs away from me. I need her.” I replied back as I run aimlessly.

Kirito who was left behind was lost for words.

I chased Mikazuki in every nook and cranny but it was no avail.

As I continue to walk, I notice that there was a girl similar to my age who was limping from her room.

As a gentleman, I asked her if she needs my assistance, But she refuses my offer and she asked if who I was.

“Me, I am the hacker that the Admiral has hired. Nice meeting you. I am Haruhiko, and you are?” I politely introduced myself to the elegant girl

“Oh. I am Choukai. Nice meeting you.” she shook my hand and she immediately went to the office while she is limping.

“Strange… for someone as beautiful as her, she is in pain… she is clearly hiding her bruises via make up.” I murmured something as I ponder on her situation.

Then there was a voice that spoke.

“It’s because that is her real state. We are knowledgeable about it, but we decided to keep it since Choukai-san shoulders all of our blunders.” The mystery girl replied

“But, there is no reason at all to hit a girl for making a mistake.” I replied back to the direction where the mystery girl was.

“It’s not really your place to know what is happening here. after all, you will leave once all of your duties has been fulfilled.” The Mystery girl stated a general fact.

“Ugh. I guess it’s not my burden to carry then.” I casually drop the topic as I can’t find a way to make out of it

“Good. By the way, if you are looking for Mikazuki, she is in the balcony, she really likes that place so please be a good guy to her, Mikazuki was supposed to be… Never mind.” The mystery girl cut her sentence as she almost blurted out the truth.

Wait… what did you meant!?” I tried asking the mystery girl.

There was no response at all.

“I guess, I am into something crazy. Better stay out of it~”

I proceed in finding Mikazuki which according to the mysterious Girl, she was in the balcony.

As I peeked out of the door, I saw her sitting there with her hand joined together as if she is praying, I heard her speak the words that was kept within her heart.

“I am scared. Though I know that he is nice and all, I still can’t forget the time that I was almost been sullied by a man… I am scared of them. For all of them likes the body I have and not the person I am.”

Mikazuki looks up to the sky as she keeps saying these words over and over again.

I know that there is something wrong with her.

His decision, her decision and their decision

I walked head out towards the balcony and confronted Mikazuki who was a bit shocked

“Mikazuki, are you troubled?” I asked her sincerely as I grab her hand.

“Let go of me… I am fine… Can you let me…?” Mikazuki struggles as she tried to break free.

“No Mikazuki, I will not allow you to go without saying something to me.” I replied as I tried to keep a grip on her hand.

“No… Don’t hurt me. I will be a good girl, I will be a good servant to you. Please, don’t do anything bad to me. I promise that I will comply every order you make.” Mikazuki then begged me to be nice to her.

“Mikazuki, why do you looked so scared?” I tried to calm her down.

“IF I am not a good girl, I will die… Please let me do whatever you want.” Mikazuki tried to beg once more.

“Sorry Mikazuki. I really don’t know the pain you have.” I replied to her.

After saying those words, I let go of her hand and she started crying. I reached out to wipe her tears but she swat my hands away, I offered her my handkerchief and she accepted it and wipe her tears away.

Mikazuki looked at me who was a bit lost on the events that happened.

“Haruhiko? Why do you look so down, It’s not your problem anyways?” Mikazuki who had calmed herself down asked me if I was alright.

“I really don’t know anything at all… How can I help you?” I answered back as I try to accept the reality.

“You see, I am still scared of guys. I can’t even let someone touch my hand…” Mikazuki answers me as she tries to hide her fear.

“I see…” I replied back and tried reaching her head. “Are you still afraid if I pat your head?” I pat her head and tried asking her.

“Yes, but I feel safer now that you pat my head. I wonder why?” Mikazuki was surprised to know what is happening.

“It means you are ready to move on. You are opening up.” I honestly replied to the tear eyed Mikazuki.

“I see. Then will you allow me be healed with you at my side?” Mikazuki asked me a question that will change her life forever.

“Yes. Because I think I have grown to like you.” I honestly replied to her and somehow delivered a rather embarrassing confession.

“I see. Haruhiko, please stay with me until the day you will leave me and go out to the real world.” Mikazuki then steps a bit close as she ask me that question.

“Okay. I will stay with you. Because I decided to be with you until the day I will leave you and go back to my world.” I replied to her as I tried to embrace her…

But Mikazuki shoved the other hand of mine.

“Well then, I shall see to it that I can attend to your needs starting tomorrow then.” Mizuki regains her composure.

“Please do. I can’t wait to see you in those clothes.” I happily replied.

“This person to whom I will serve is a pervert it seems…” Mikazuki replied to Haruhiko as she tries to examine him more.

That day, the two grew closer to one another.


Choukai who was with the Admiral was slapped by the Admiral.

“How many time I told you to tell them to hit the capital ships and not the Destroyers! How incompetent can you be!?” The Admiral reprimanded Choukai for all the wrongdoings her team done.

“I am sorry. I’ll tell them later to do that.” Choukai replied despite being in pain.

“You should look to it. Honestly, the resources is so precious that I can’t waste any of it on the repairs.” The Admiral grumbled as he tried to hide his fury inside of his.

“I will take my leave then.” Choukai left the office and went towards the fleet meeting room.

The Admiral didn’t even see her off and he took out his phone and he dialed a number.

After that, the Admiral has gone missing…


In a certain faraway place, Haruhiko’s parents are in great worry.

“Dear, do you think Haruhiko can survive on his own?” The Young man who look on his 20s was in panic.

“You see. He is big enough to worry about himself. Asides, why do you have to dial that number already. He is not a kid anymore.” The wife who looks in her 20s too explained calmly.

“But you know… the place where he went is the place where we find one another.” The young guy replied.

“Yeah. Though it’s been 230 years since we went there… I wonder what does it look like now?” The wife replied.

Then a moments after, there someone entered and asked them…

“Is it true that the lovely Haruhiko left yesterday?” The young girl in her 20s asked the two.”

“Yup. He left without saying goodbye to us.” The young man answered

“I see. So did he knew the place he went?” The visitor asked

“Nope. But if we go there right now, we will get all those memories we three shared along with a lot of us.” The wife answered.

“Say, shall we go visit him the day after tomorrow?” The young man inquire.

“I am in.” The visitor answered.

“Well, I guess we can. Master, please ready your papers tomorrow.” The wife answered.

“Well then, I wish he still remembers his history lessons then. Because he will be shocked to know that his parents are once the group of people who was feared by both Abyssals and Humans alike. Samidare, will you join us?” The Husband answers

“Yes former Admiral Hiro.” The visitor named Samidare happily replied.

“Do not forget to invite me too. After all, I can’t see any reason that the two of you will make it there if you forgot to bring this very Reliable Sazanami-san.” The wife cuts into the conversation.

“Well, I’ll let Kino handle all the transactions for now and I will notify Kumano that we will be out for few days. Also, do not say this to Kazagumo-san or Mikazuki-san, if they heard of it, they will come without a doubt.” Haruhiko’s dad or replied.

“Alright.” The two answered simulatenously.

The three were so excited to see their child work in the environment once they had worked before.

  • To be continued.

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