12 Days of anime Presents: 06. Gundam Build Fighters is the epitome of all Gundam Franchise.

ultimate showdown of Gundams
ultimate showdown of Gundams

Gundam build fighters is a culmination of all Gundam Franchises ever released. And It’s story was based on Friendship, being a good character, being a good influence and of course people who enjoy playing with toys.

But the joy of fighting doesn’t end there… It also features stories of individuals who also love the art of Gunpla battle. Though most of them have also different intentions or different goals. One thing was clear, They love what they do.

Despite being a children’s show, Gundam Build Fighters is actually top class. And you could say that it even tops the quality of our long running shonen series (no bias intended).

Lastly, Gundam Build Fighters is a must watch…  It really is a great show.

[currently at episode 13 as you read it]


I do find them cute together.

reiji and aila


12 Days of anime presents: 07. Puchimas! is the best IdolM@ster franchise ever…(sort of.)

reality is overrated in anime
reality is overrated in anime

Honestly speaking I’m not sure If I’m an Im@s fan or Just a Puchim@s fan.

Puchimas is a spin-off short anime (around less than 5 minutes) from a very big game franchise named The Idolm@ster and Puchimas is the wackiest, dumbest and the cheesiest spin-off of a big and already a great franchise (alongside with Love Live, Kantai Collection, Touhou, etc.).

small critters called the puchi-dolls which they were the miniature avatar of the character they represent.
small critters called the puchi-dolls which they were the miniature avatar of the character they represent.

Puchimas is rather intriguing if Science Fiction is applied, but in this show slice-of-life is applied. Thus the questions of why they came is still a biggest mystery.

this hand, that hand
This hand, That hand.

Puchimas is rather slow and very narrative on the first season where an entire story was done in as short as 2 episodes, or as long as 5 episodes. Season 2 was more random but they cover many stories. If an episode was not enough, they’ve got a double feature day. They also have a week long episode… so yeah it was also like season 1 but with boatloads of fun.

not all episodes contains human dialogue.
not all episodes contains human dialogue.

Another thing, there are also episodes that there are almost no dialogues or there are times that they have no dialogue at all (except the narrator).

~it's a tail.
~it’s a tail.

So should you watch it? It’s definitely a yes… asides you can finish a season at 2 hours and 26 minutes(64 episodes), And the 2nd season is at 3 hours (74 episodes). Watch for it is very ridiculous and very cheesy.

[Chibiki] Puchimas!! - 18 [360p][F161AD3A].mkv_snapshot_00.50_[2014.12.19_08.06.19]
Extra Pictures: (i’ve taken a number of shots today.)[Chibiki] Puchimas!! - 70 [360p][EA7CC7F1].mkv_snapshot_01.30_[2014.12.19_08.26.55] [Chibiki] Puchimas!! - 68 [360p][CD97021B].mkv_snapshot_01.24_[2014.12.19_08.26.24] [Chibiki] Puchimas!! - 68 [360p][CD97021B].mkv_snapshot_01.27_[2014.12.19_08.26.21] [Chibiki] Puchimas!! - 68 [360p][CD97021B].mkv_snapshot_01.03_[2014.12.19_08.26.01] [Chibiki] Puchimas!! - 68 [360p][CD97021B].mkv_snapshot_01.02_[2014.12.19_08.25.58] [Chibiki] Puchimas!! - 66 [360p][0567F318].mkv_snapshot_01.57_[2014.12.19_08.25.26] [Chibiki] Puchimas!! - 60 [360p][AA35B635].mkv_snapshot_00.57_[2014.12.19_08.22.13] [Chibiki] Puchimas!! - 60 [360p][AA35B635].mkv_snapshot_00.29_[2014.12.19_08.21.54] [Chibiki] Puchimas!! - 56 [360p][72F3666C].mkv_snapshot_01.16_[2014.12.19_08.21.01] [Chibiki] Puchimas!! - 56 [360p][72F3666C].mkv_snapshot_00.56_[2014.12.19_08.20.36] [Chibiki] Puchimas!! - 56 [360p][72F3666C].mkv_snapshot_00.45_[2014.12.19_08.20.22]  [Chibiki] Puchimas!! - 52 [360p][E68E7ECB].mkv_snapshot_00.59_[2014.12.19_08.16.46] [Chibiki] Puchimas!! - 48 [360p][4B3EB231].mkv_snapshot_01.30_[2014.12.19_08.14.38] [Chibiki] Puchimas!! - 48 [360p][4B3EB231].mkv_snapshot_01.10_[2014.12.19_08.14.28] [Chibiki] Puchimas!! - 48 [360p][4B3EB231].mkv_snapshot_00.13_[2014.12.19_08.13.41] [Chibiki] Puchimas!! - 42 [360p][7A4FC77B].mkv_snapshot_00.45_[2014.12.19_08.11.02] [Chibiki] Puchimas!! - 04 [360p][09676676].mkv_snapshot_01.23_[2014.12.19_08.08.12] [Chibiki] Puchimas!! - 04 [360p][09676676].mkv_snapshot_00.50_[2014.12.19_08.07.47] [Chibiki] Puchimas!! - 04 [360p][09676676].mkv_snapshot_00.22_[2014.12.19_08.07.25] [Chibiki] Puchimas!! - 18 [360p][F161AD3A].mkv_snapshot_01.05_[2014.12.19_08.06.41] [DmonHiro] Puchimas! #31 - Hiding Over There (BD, 720p) [2936F6DF].mkv_snapshot_00.38_[2014.12.19_08.02.44] [DmonHiro] Puchimas! #21 - Bait (BD, 720p) [A20A5115].mkv_snapshot_00.49_[2014.12.19_08.01.00] [DmonHiro] Puchimas! #21 - Bait (BD, 720p) [A20A5115].mkv_snapshot_00.33_[2014.12.19_08.00.41] [DmonHiro] Puchimas! #20 - Birds Of A Feather Flock Together (BD, 720p) [86846683].mkv_snapshot_01.29_[2014.12.19_08.00.11] [DmonHiro] Puchimas! #20 - Birds Of A Feather Flock Together (BD, 720p) [86846683].mkv_snapshot_00.37_[2014.12.19_07.59.50][Chibiki] Puchimas!! - 54 [360p][FE06A4CA].mkv_snapshot_00.33_[2014.06.06_08.26.45] [Chibiki] Puchimas!! - 39 [360p][5C912D99].mkv_snapshot_01.30_[2014.10.29_07.09.28]

12 Days of Christmas presents: 08. the ‘not so old’ shows. Part 1 of 2

tokyo ravens
tokyo ravens

Sometimes… when the new fad is not worth watching, You just got the urge to watch shows that aired before.

Well, for the sake of this post. I’ll just probably say what are the ideas run inside my head during that time.

  1. Tokyo Ravens.
Fujioshi on the rise
Fujioshi on the rise

Tokyo Ravens was one of the show where I really don’t have a choice but to watch it. (asides when the whole house produces a waterfall… you really don’t have much of a choice because the internet was far and the setup was a bit awkward… I tried to take this show… for once.

Tokyo Ravens is rather anti-climatic when it comes character development and the MC’s shining moment was when he actually get his own power (around 20th episode.) which is well, as much as the show was wasted on him.

Wishing he revived a bit earlier.
Wishing he revived a bit earlier.

consolation: well every fight where Ootomo Jin is involved was a total badass.

Surfing the opponent's water... not impossible for him.
Surfing the opponent’s attack… not impossible for him.

Addendum: Kon is adorable. a must have.


  1. Aria (my xth rewatch)[more like my 2nd]

Aria-Aria is slow, easy and sleep inducing show…

asdafavazvazBut seriously… It was a very good ride despite the fact that it was a truly slow experience. It has a charm where fast shows can’t compete. It has the sense of growing through the seasons and by experiences. It also has many wonderful scenes. It is a good coming-of-age story.

Extra picture:

I can't seem to find any shows with such faces as theirs.
I can’t seem to find any shows with such faces as theirs.
  1. K-on! (so many re-watch that I forgotten how to count back)
in a nutshell.
in a nutshell.

K-on! back in the days was noisy, it was crazy and it truly has a ‘nonsense’ value to it. But, as far as my anime watching is concerned. K-on! was on of my few first animes that actually didn’t make sense when they didn’t and did make sense when they are making sense. It’s more like a ‘Schrodinger’s anime’ except that most of the times it sucks.

the most iconic part of most school-based animes
the most iconic part of most school-based anime

K-on! was; for better, for worse a show that makes us young (or old if you complain too much this show sucks) and makes you relive the moments you had back in the past.

  1. Minami-ke
Getting tied to stop the rain was never this funny.
Getting tied to stop the rain was never this funny.

I’ve heard Minami-ke back when I was still in my college years (more or like 4 years ago). But I never remembered of having the will to watch it. (partly to blame was of lack of DVDs in our place and the lack of info on this one.

Minami-ke was simple, it was something that we may relate to on some other times. This show was truly a good classic despite being a bit prone to use of bakayarou.

01+at+the+shrineExtra Pic:

Hosaka is a crazy narcissist who is bent to make Haruka his wife (or at least join the Volleyball Team).

sunny side up.
sunny side up.

I could have posted a bit more but I rather keep them so that I can have a filler post for he next time.

12 Days of Christmas Presents: 09. Space Dandy: The dandy man in space

Space Dandy is a Dandy guy in space… It’s a tale of a man who almost became a god.

Space DandySpace Dandy is indeed one of my clear favorites this year because they had this chemistry that makes want more.

It was fast crazy and unpredictable. Though there are times when it was a bit lacking. There are also those times when it was just you wish those days could last forever.

zombiesWell the good thing in Dandy was it gets better from time to time and It builds up who Dandy really is.

It was strange, and very unique… I just can’t seem to get the general gist of things.

i, too still don't get it.
I too, still don’t get it.

Dandy was a mix of fun, craziness, strange and heart warming scenes. It was a cocktail of something bizarre. It’s telling me to go and watch some more and the more I watch the less I understand about how the universe according to Space Dandy revolves.

I might have not known much of this show (in terms to the underlying themes behind it), But it was one heck of a ride. We might have seen Dandy elsewhere… or not really, but the story of how awesome it is. definitely lives.

The awesomeness in one package.
The awesomeness in one package.

Another fact:

The people who chases Dandy seems to remember something why are they chasing him.

Space Dandy 09_HD.mp4_snapshot_10.02_[2014.09.01_03.09.09]This show is surely very recommended to watch. Though episode 1 is dull, the later episodes starts to make a trend and you will like the show itself.

[HorribleSubs] Space Dandy 2 - 08 [720p]_HD.mp4_snapshot_19.52_[2014.08.26_02.02.39]

She seems to know who Dandy is.
She seems to know who Dandy is.

Thus, Go and watch this show… And You Judge whether it is Good or It is dandy.

Extra Pictures (because it seems I got too much):

Everyday life @ Meow’s home. (Running at 20000th iteration)
Space Dandy meets High School Musical
Space Dandy - 13 - Large 24
Do robots dream of Electric Sheep? or do they fall in love too?

12 days of Christmas Presents: 10. Talk-a-thon at Log Horizon.

Log Horizon is the Culmination of the genre ‘being trapped in a game’ in which characters deal with it and make it a fun and a better place to be.

Log Horizon
Log Horizon

Log Horizon is totally better than Sword Art Online when it comes how the characters in that game was introduced.

Indeed, Log Horizon was too talky, It has many parts where dialogue runs like an episode itself full of dialogues.

Sword Art Online has an upper hand on the story potential because it has that ‘kill or be killed’ setting.

Villain in glasses
Villain in glasses

But what was Log Horizon’s potential? It was simple. While SAO tries to make Kirito an super likable character or better term for there was a ‘gary-stu’ type. (Only Tatsuya claimed the #1 spot after Mahouka aired.) Log Horizon has Shiroe, a character which strength comes in support and has a villainous mindset (more of manipulative).

SAO has action scenes every now and then. But along the way it was more of becoming  ‘a strong girl becomes a damsel in  distress’ syndrome. Log Horizon was different, They tried to make their current reality the most wonderful experience of all. though they never feared of death because they resurrect… The toll it gives to those who died make them feel like dying.

William Massachusetts' Crowning Glory... in Political Campain of never giving up.
William Massachusetts’ Crowning Glory… in Political Campaign of never giving up.

Log Horizon was indeed talky and definitely full of Political propaganda. It was very technical and hard to understand but when there’s action… they deliver it like they mean it.

The talk-a-thon in Log Horizon is still away from being done… Since it’s author was the one who made the story of a Hero teaming up with the ‘Ultimate bad’ to create peace by macro economics. I guess this philosophical battles will continue. But, When it’s action time, be awed and expect only greatness.

[HorribleSubs] Log Horizon 2 - 08 [720p].mkv_snapshot_22.35_[2014.11.23_04.12.37]Extra Picture:


Who would never forget this Mascot Character…

12 days of Christmas Presents: 11. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’s plane ride.

from Jojo with Hate and manliness
from Jojo with Hate and manliness.

Jojo’s Bizarre adventure was bizarre and all, it was flashy when there are fights, it was manly when they fight.

For me it was at least better that the first season(still manly), but the thing was this show bored me with talks and never ending talks. Yeah more of Jojo’s bizarre Talks, but with style.

Action did pick-up and the story was ummm…. riveting. The opposition was okay (especially with The Sun, The Sun rocks). And sadly Dio wasn’t there to take the spotlight. Hmm, how I long to see the Jojo and Dio fight.

Well with the first half done. I would probably see more action and hmm, crazy time with the whole cast dealing with Dio’s trashy grunts and Dio Himself. I can’t wait.

*emitting manly aura*
*emitting manly aura*


Joseph Joestar was moe. and at the same time an awesome guy for his age.


12 Days of Christmas Presents: #12. Sengoku Collection and a story of traveling to the future.

Sengoku Collection in a nutshell.

Sengoku Collection may had aired in an earlier year… But who cares.

Sengoku Collection is a show where a certain hero/heroine travels back to sengoku period to see how history unfolds the Prominent people from the past (most of them in the Sengoku period with the exception of Liu Bei) and experience the modern life.

This show was rather erratic, and most of the times very crazy. It features their daily lives as they strive to survive the modern world.

Well most of the stories are heartwarming, some of them was funny and few of them are a bit depressing to see that in real life there are those who are in the good path while others (Especially Masamune) Who had lost her way.

The strength of this show was based on the episodes itself.

Well once for a while we got to see how the people of the past see how peaceful the world would be and not the other way around when you hear a ‘sengoku-era’ anime.

This is truly a rare piece of a show.

p.s. they also got a sci-fi episode and a bizarre one. oh, also a poetic one.

Basho is ♥