A peculiar case in a certain naval base I

“Master, what are you looking at right now?”

Sazanami asked me while giving me a cup of hot cocoa which she has prepared beforehand.

“It’s a case I handled a few days ago, in a certain naval base where a shipgirl has committed cannibalism.”

Sazanami was lost for words when I mentioned that to her.

“In fact that I actually brought Mikazuki and Kazagumo with me warrants that this case is not a usual case that I can resolve via force, but by a calculated planning and a plan worth discussing over your team mates.”

Sazanami placed the cup over the table and she started to pour another cup of hot cocoa.

“Master, if I came there as a support; what would happen?”

“We might have killed her before we get to know the truth.”

“I see. Then it means that she is still alive then.”

“Yup. At the very least. She no longer had those inhuman urges anymore.”

Sazanami finished pouring the contents to the cup and places it above the table. She fixed her chair and sit right next to the Admiral’s side and started to blow her drink to cool it down a bit.

“Master, why is it that you handle this case rather than your Vampire friend? Isn’t he well versed over the supernatural realm?”

“That request requires me to go to the day… which he despise doing due to his condition.”


“Sazanami, wanna listen to how it goes?”

Sazanami paused for a bit before answering the Admiral’s inquiry.

“Please do.”

And so, the peculiar case of a certain naval base was then told.

May 12: Around 2:30PM

I came to the naval base while being escorted by Mikazuki and Kazagumo who seemed to be worried about my wellbeing since it was the first time I handled such a supernatural case.

“About that Commander, I know that it’s not your forte to deal with the supernatural…but why do you have to comply with the request?”

Mikazuki worriedly grabs my arm as she tries to restrain my arm movement.

“Admiral, you could have given this case to someone else right? Why do you have to resolve it?”

Kazagumo on the other hand squeezes my arm with her body while trying not to let me go.

“But, Ralph said that he hated dealing with cases like this. And also, he can’t stand the sun so he is useless at this time of the day.”

Indeed, there was no need for me to deal with this situation. However, it interests me on that report as if that shipgirl was possessed by something.

On the corner of my eye, I saw a Fubuki trembling in fear as she looks at the direction opposite of mine.

When our eyes met, the girl hides and immediately runs for her life.

“First things first… Let’s meet the Admiral in question.”

And with my recommendation, the three of us went on the Admiral’s office.

3:43 PM

The Admiral stationed there is dead.

We saw his corpse lying on his desk as his hands and feet were being cut. Asides from it, the only reason why we know he is the Admiral due to the items that were found on the floor. The rest of his body was not in sight as if someone ate the rest of his body.

“But despite her actions… The smell is… terrible.”

Kazagumo complained as she covers her nose and mouth with a handkerchief. Mikazuki and I didn’t cover our noses due to the fact that we are used to it.

“I am amazed though. Mikazuki, do you feel any presence? I sense none in my end.”

“Nothing Commander. Looks like we were too late.”


As I ponder Kazagumo falls to the floor as she still hasn’t overcome her astonishment.

“Are you alright? I guess this is a bit too much for you.”

“No, rather… I am quite shocked that it happened too fast.”

“Yeah. Anyways, let’s find that girl.”


Kazagumo noticed a letter written on the floor.

[I am sorry]

I decided to let Mikazuki handle the guarding duties while Kazagumo and I started to investigate the room.

“Mikazuki, if you ever find someone, please don’t approach them for now. I believe this is an entirely different situation.”

“Alright. But what about you?”

I pointed at Kazagumo and Mikazuki understood what I meant with that. With my command, Mikazuki slowly fades to the shadows.

Kazagumo noticed Mikazuki’s disappearance and she believed that she was the only normal person around.


I contacted the naval base to confirm I will be able to return today and so the naval base resumes function despite me being absent for the time being. Also, Samidare told me to take care while I am away.


“Hiro is fine.”

Kazagumo blushed as she tries to call my name.


“What is it Fuu?”

“Why did you name me Fuu?”

“It’s very close to your name.”

“You mean an alternate reading to my name.”


But before I could speak, the phone rang.

I look at the phone and there was a message left to me.

[I saw a pile of corpse here. We must hurry.]

“Fuu, let’s go.”

“Eh? Where?”

Kazagumo panics as I held her hand.

“To the crime scene.”

And so, the two of us ran towards our destination.


We went to the place where the GPS was pointing to. And what we saw is indeed a gruesome site. Of course, before arriving there Kazagumo felt like throwing up since the odor which the pile of corpses was emitting were quite suffocating to a normal person.

“Mikazuki, are there any traces?”

As I utter those words, Mikazuki appeared besides me while holding a notebook and a pen.

“There are at least 38 bodies here. I think they were all bitten to death.”

“What a gruesome way to die.”

Kazagumo who is quite far from us is still coping up with what she found.

“Commander, I think we mustn’t let Kazagumo-san see anymore of this. I feel bad for her.”

But instead of backing down, Kazagumo stood up and she steeled herself so that she can stand beside me.

“No. I am not backing down in this one.”

I can see the pale expression Kazagumo carries. I guess I do have to take care of her for a while so that those images won’t hunt her in her sleep.

“Anyways… Where could…”

But before I could finish speaking, a person emerges in the background carrying a shovel.

“I got found out…”

That girl is covered with blood and is now readying to fight against us.


Mikazuki’s expression is stiff. After all, she didn’t detected the presence of the person standing in front of us.

“Who are you people?”

I realized that the situation is dire and we needed to make a deal with the girl in front of us.

“We are sent here by your Admiral to investigate something.”

The Girl’s face was surprised to hear those words as if she knows something.

“I see, very well… I am Fubuki. Nice meeting you. Sorry to see this base at such state. It was after all an outbreak.”


The three of us questioned her words as if it was such a natural occurrence around her.

“Oh right. It’s an illness where someone becomes zombie when they are bitten.”


Fubuki guided us to a secret hideout to where some of them managed to survive the outbreak. From there we were greeted by 4 destroyers and a Heavy Cruiser who acts as head of command.

“I am Myouko, I was the only high officer left around here. Were you the ones the Admiral has summoned?”

“Yes. Anyways, can you tell me when it all happened?”

“Certainly. Fubuki, please continue your work.”

“Yes Ma’am!”

And so, Fubuki went outside to do her supposedly job of disposing the bodies.

“Anyways, it all started when Category A was…”

But before Myouko can even say a word, the alarm went off.


“Ma’am, its Category A.”

The Operator was Asashio who is currently looking at the monitor.

“Dammit, why does it attack whenever Fubuki isn’t around?”

Myouko can’t help but despair over the situation.

“Anyways, you are here to deal with that thing. So, help us live.”

I realized that the situation was quite worse than we expected so I decided to agree with Myoukou’s recommendation.

But before I can take my leave, Mikazuki and Kazagumo took my hand and they all nodded to me in agreement that they’ll join me and fight.

“Anyways, do you know any place with narrow spaces?”

“I can point you the way.”

With Myouko’s words, we finally devised a plan to defeat the enemy.


It was dark when we arrive at point C where we are supposed to taunt the Category A.

“Mika, be on standby. Use daggers for a while.”

Mikazuki who is holding my hand nods in agreement.

As we patiently wait for the time, we have placed Kazagumo at Point A to where she has to set-up her traps.

“But Hiro-san, how did you know about her ability?”

“Well, Maikaze told me that she is good in laying traps. However, her roommate is quite good in finding it.”

“Akigumo-san sure is learning a lot.”

“I actually teach her stuff too from time to time. But Sensei is training her to be as good as her.”

“I see.”

As we talk about things, we finally heard a voice coming to our way.


That single word sends shivers down to our spine.

As the voice slowly gets clearer and clearer, we positioned ourselves to welcome the said Category A.

And then, something unexpected happened.


There was a huge wave of Zombies approaching us. Rather than the Category A, the zombies approached us.

“What do we do Hiro-san?”

Mikazuki effortlessly dodge left and right against the zombie attacks.

“Can we kill them?”

I replied while trying to communicate to Myouko.

“No use… She is here already.”

As I noticed, one of the opponents was indeed Myouko which meant that the enemy ignored us and they headed through the secret base.

“Then we got no other choice then. Mika, you can use your sword.”

“Roger. Come, Mikazuki kai!”

A katana comparable to the moon was summoned to her hands as if she owns the sword. After all, it was reforged to make the sword hers.

As soon as Mikazuki held her Katana, her eyes shine bright as if the moon was reflecting on it.

One by one, Mikazuki slashes down the zombies as if they were nothing and Mikazuki slowly making progress to the enemy reinforcements.

“Good. Just a few…”

But before I can finish what I was trying to say, Akagi stood in front of me. Rather, that’s what Myouko called ‘Category A’

2 Days Ago, 2:45PM

Ralph and I were currently discussing about a matters which HQ has notified us about.

“Unsinkable fleet?”

Much to my surprise, I voiced out my surprise to the rather calm Ralph as he sips his tomato juice.

“Yes. However, his theory is flawed and it really breaks the ethics you have established.”

“I see. So, what should we do?”

“Let’s see. For now, they have a prototype fleet and they were doing great results. However, their minds are slowly rotting away due to the strength of the said drug. And so far, only two were unaffected by it.”

“Who are they?”

“One is called Category A, despite maintaining her mind; her body mildly became immortal and her prowess is above normal. But, she needs to feed blood in order for her to continue living.”

“Like you.”

Ralph nodded in agreement.

“The Second one is called Category O. Her details are unknown, be careful of her.”

Ralph sounded serious during that time that I wonder what would happen if Category A and O fought one another.

And so, I reminded that I need to take my job seriously.


And so Akagi and I talked to one another.

“Akagi, what is the meaning of this?”

“I tried to save them… But it’s too late.”

Akagi readies herself to attack me.


“Because Category O is the one who made this outbreak.”

“I can help you.”

“No, you can’t help me. I am going to kill all of you and myself so that no evidence shall be left behind.”

“I see. Can you tell me who Category O is?”

“It’s obvious. It’s Fu-”

But before Akagi finished speaking, a spade decapitates Akagi and killing her instantly.

“You said too much, Akagi-senpai.”

Before I knew it, a girl is standing right in front of me smiling while holding Kazagumo’s neck.

8:15PM – Kazagumo’s view.

As I was placing the wires around, I saw Fubuki standing on the edge.

“What are you doing?”

Fubuki smiled and immediately, hordes of zombies arrived. However, they can’t pass through the wire traps I have laid down.

“Wires. They are troublesome things… But I have no trouble seeing them.

Slowly, Fubuki cut down the wires I placed using the spade she is using in her hand.

I immediately throw a smoke grenade to hide myself from her vision.

“What the heck, she is the big bad all this time!”

As I said those words I run towards where the Admiral is. However.

I felt that someone is grabbing me by the neck.

“That was quite a prank from someone who can’t fight. Time to use you as leverage.”

“No! Let me go!”

Then, All I felt was numbness as she put me into sleep.


“Admiral Raven, do you want to save this girl?”

Fubuki showed me Kazagumo who is currently unconscious as she holds her in the neck.

“I do…”

“Then Die.”

Without a second to waste, Fubuki rushed in towards me as she lets go of Kazagumo.

That instant, the shovel she is using is already right in my face as it tries to cut my head immediately. However, that attack fell short and misses me by a hair’s breath.


I can see from Fubuki’s face that her assassination attempt has failed. And so, she readies herself for her second attack.

In that instant, she immediately moves from her place and she shows up right in front of me and started swinging her shovel. But this time, I blocked it with the knife I pulled out of my pocket.


Fubuki knows that she is already at a disadvantage so she decided to kick me and make some distance between us. The kick itself is not strong, however since she got her reach back; it’s hard for me to rush if she is as fast as me.

Slowly, I can see the surroundings clearing up as Mikazuki managed to get rid of the zombie wave that she fought alone using her blade.

“To think a mere human have been able to match up with me. You are no ordinary person, you are a monster.”

“Indeed. But I am a monster with a heart.”

And so, I decided to close the gap between the enemy.


It was a bloody night for the three of us. For some reason, I have managed to defeat the Category O using my skills alone. But the situation is quite dire as I say. I am losing quite a lot of blood.

“In the end, this is how my human boundaries have taken me.”

On my right Kazagumo is holding my hand as she tries to keep me awake. On my left, Mikazuki is already crying.

As soon as the moonlight hits my face I felt a presence coming closer to us.

It was vampire in nature and a presence I have known of for a long time.

“Looks like it was a mess. Did you just defeat that monstrosity using your human side? Quite surprising.”

It was Ralph who managed to make a comment while I am lying flat on the ground.

“If you are here to make me a vampire. No thanks.”

I immediately reject his supposedly next move.

“I didn’t come here to make you a vampire. It’s hell if you become one. But instead, I brought you your healing angel.”

On his back stood Arare who looked worried as she saw my condition.

“Onii-chan, I am here now to help you.”

Arare held my hand as tears fell from her eyes. Slowly, I can feel myself warming up.

“So you have felt it… That is one heck of ability.”

I can tell that she has sensed danger and asked Ralph who happens to be around out naval base to carry her towards to where I am. It seems Ralph knew that Arare would come to my aid no matter where I am.

“You are lucky boy. Anyways, Category A, you are still alive right?”

As soon as Ralph said those words, Akagi, or Category A appears in the shadows.

“An old blood.”

Akagi said while looking at Ralph.

“I am here to make a deal with you.”

“What if I said no?”

Akagi vehemently refused Ralph’s offer. But she was stopped at her tracks when she saw the world around her started to unfold.

“Do you see it? Do you see what would happen if you try to kill me?”

Akagi shivers as she saw the gruesome truth that would happen to her once she made a mistake and fight against the Vampire Admiral.


Ralph smiled as Akagi replied to him.

“Hiro, can I borrow that sword?”

“What sword?”

“The ones that seals the power of the wicked.”

“Oh… that one.”

I pulled out the demon sealing sword out of a pocket dimension and gave it to Ralph who seemed to know how to use it.

“It’s been quite a while since I held this baby.”

Ralph looked at Akagi and immediately stabs her at her heart to where the source of her abilities lies.

Akagi felt that she is slowly dying and soon Ralph pulled out the sword to make sure she lives.

Akagi felt no need to drink blood not to kill. However, her strength was still above normal shipgirls and her regenerating abilities were still faster than normal shipgirls.

“With that, she only has 5% of the vampire nature she has.”

Ralph returns the sword to me and I noticed that the blade is dyed red.

“Hiro, you cannot use that sword anymore. So I advise you to craft a duplicate blade.”

“Yeah, that sword is my favorite.”

As I said those words, I safely hid the sword back to the pocket dimension.

Arare managed to close the wounds I receive, but I am still weak due to the blood loss. Somehow, I managed to live another day.

Ralph pulled me up and we saw the pile of dead bodies decaying at a faster rate.

“Type O is quite a dangerous entity, but she managed to keep them here as a precaution.”

Ralph looked surprised as I said those words to him.

“So, she is the mastermind?”

“No. Victim too. However, she tried to kill my girl. and since Category O is half dead, I better give her a proper death since she wished for it.”

I took out a paper and wrote the words [let there be light] on it and throw it towards the pile of bodies. As it touches the bodies, it started to light up and started consuming the whole area with conflagrating flames.

“Our work is done. Akagi, you’ll go with Ralph since he won.”


Akagi nodded as she listened to my instruction.

“Ralph, take care of your newest comrade.”

“I will, thanks for the help.”

Ralph tips his hat and vanished along with Akagi who held his hand.

“Kazagumo, Mikazuki, Arare. Time for us to head home.


And the three girls who were with me agreed to my proposition.

We all walked away from the bright flame that swallowed the whole naval base that night.

“Master, I feel like you have left out some important details along the way.”

Sazanami, who is ever so curious started to pester me with that question.

“So you did notice.”

I smiled as I pat her head.

“Anyways, it was a secret. I felt that I don’t have a reason to share it to you just yet.”


“Anyways, I better tell you something. When I fought that girl, she told me that she was a failure and the first failed test subject. However, she didn’t realize that she can control the undead when she first tried to control the dead admiral. But when Category A knew what’s happening, she proceeds eating the Admiral’s body.”

“So, in short…”

“Category O loves the Admiral. Category A hates him for making her a monster. But who is the real monster anyways? That, I cannot tell.”

“Sounds deep; Master, for whom are we fighting for anyways?”

“We fight for the better future… Of you girls.”

“For us?”

Sazanami had a puzzled look on her face as she didn’t fully understand the reason why I said those words.

“Yup. Because they all treat you as a weapon made for war. However, I along with some Admirals have seen a different light because of you girls. It’s our reason to pursue hard and defeat the enemies. It’s because we are opening a new future for you who is not for war, but for the betterment of this world without the use of violence.”

“I see. Thanks Master.”

“No, I am thankful that you all came to my life. Now then, Let’s finish sorting this document.

“Aye Aye Master.”

And so, the two of us resumed doing work. The world might not accept my methods for now. But, in due time… I can make a world a better place.

  • End.