12 Days of anime Presents: 04. the ‘not so old’ shows. Part 2 of 2

[Chibiki] Puchimas!! - 39 [360p][5C912D99].mkv_snapshot_01.30_[2014.10.29_07.09.28]This might be a filler post. But I do have something to say.

There are shows that are just awesome that you can’t wait if there is a season 2 of it or not. At times, You wish this show could have do it right just like the others.

Well, At least I’m saying it right off the bat. Here’s other older shows that made an impact on me this year.

One-Off (OVA)

one_offFor Better or for worse, One-Off was one of my favorite sleepers that I had watched this year. Probably due to my Very stressful outlook in life and very tedious work cycle I follow.

I’m a bit bias against slice-of-life show so I would probably never recommend anyone watching this show. Unless you are truly tired. But if you do want to watch a better Slice of life shows, Go watch Aria or Tamayura or even Minami-ke. It’s on your own discretion whether or not you’ll like them or not.

Kokoro Connect

Kokoro Connect
Kokoro Connect

Rather than watching too much drama. I’d prefer something like this show. It has teenage angst, Identity crisis (not the gay problems), Psychological suffering, and even a cast of misfits (correct term would be club-less people) who are taken as an experimental sample by an unknown entity who loves to observe people.

This is rather a great find… and I really, really wish that they made a season 2 of it.

Saki Achiga-hen: Episodes of side A specials.

I rather pick this one because the first 12 episodes is not that great.
I rather pick this one because the first 12 episodes is not that great.

This one is a spin-off of a long running mahjong manga in Japan. It is a story of the players who are in the Division A of the National Mahjong Tournament. As expected of Saki-verse, it’s filled with flashbacks, friendships, philosophical battles, crazy powers adjusted to mahjong, comic reliefs, girls bonding that slightly inclined to the other side, and fan-service.

It always reminds me that there no such things as impossibles… only a big hurdle to jump above it.

I think this show was actually better attached to me than the original series but, the characters are nowhere near the Glamorous playing of the original series.

Friendly reminder: probably you should have at least a good knowledge on Japanese Mahjong to truly understand this show better and if you need something a bit manly, go watch Akagi. I heard it’s a great mahjong anime.

Aquarion Evol

too much for a single robot anime.
too much for a single robot anime.

Aquarion Evol is rather pretty eccentric. It’s a mix of romance, drama and action is the weirdest ways possible and we get to see the ever so Enigmatic Fudo Zen.

It’s a sequel of a the great show named Genesis of Aquarion. Many people had already compared this show to the older one and they much say that the older one was better (especially the ending)… I too loved the ending of Genesis of Aquarion. But this show is rather different… It was never afraid to go to extremes and it was ridiculously good it never felt that this show must be unrestricted. It’s fresh, it’s innovative and lastly you got to characters you’ll love despite being goofy.

Genesis of Aquarion

Genesis of Aquarion
Genesis of Aquarion

This show was truly spectacular at times and truly bad at other times. It didn’t actually liven up to the expectation that this show is somehow wackier than it’s successor. but the main cast is lovable, the interaction they made was great. Though it may seem that they always had to fight a hard fight because they’re at a brink of extinction… Nonetheless, It’s a great show to watch. I won’t tell you the best plot twist this show has though. It’s truly horrifying.

My verdict that I actually preferred Aquarion Evol than this one. But this show is also good in many ways, especially with that dramatic ending.

The other shows I did not mention but was already discussed was:

  1. Sengoku Collection
  2. Puchimas!
  3. Gundam Build Fighters
  4. Mushishi

There you had it. these are the few memorable shows that made my 2014 better.


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