12 Days of anime Presents: 06. Gundam Build Fighters is the epitome of all Gundam Franchise.

ultimate showdown of Gundams
ultimate showdown of Gundams

Gundam build fighters is a culmination of all Gundam Franchises ever released. And It’s story was based on Friendship, being a good character, being a good influence and of course people who enjoy playing with toys.

But the joy of fighting doesn’t end there… It also features stories of individuals who also love the art of Gunpla battle. Though most of them have also different intentions or different goals. One thing was clear, They love what they do.

Despite being a children’s show, Gundam Build Fighters is actually top class. And you could say that it even tops the quality of our long running shonen series (no bias intended).

Lastly, Gundam Build Fighters is a must watch…  It really is a great show.

[currently at episode 13 as you read it]


I do find them cute together.

reiji and aila


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