12 days of Christmas Presents: 10. Talk-a-thon at Log Horizon.

Log Horizon is the Culmination of the genre ‘being trapped in a game’ in which characters deal with it and make it a fun and a better place to be.

Log Horizon
Log Horizon

Log Horizon is totally better than Sword Art Online when it comes how the characters in that game was introduced.

Indeed, Log Horizon was too talky, It has many parts where dialogue runs like an episode itself full of dialogues.

Sword Art Online has an upper hand on the story potential because it has that ‘kill or be killed’ setting.

Villain in glasses
Villain in glasses

But what was Log Horizon’s potential? It was simple. While SAO tries to make Kirito an super likable character or better term for there was a ‘gary-stu’ type. (Only Tatsuya claimed the #1 spot after Mahouka aired.) Log Horizon has Shiroe, a character which strength comes in support and has a villainous mindset (more of manipulative).

SAO has action scenes every now and then. But along the way it was more of becomingĀ  ‘a strong girl becomes a damsel inĀ  distress’ syndrome. Log Horizon was different, They tried to make their current reality the most wonderful experience of all. though they never feared of death because they resurrect… The toll it gives to those who died make them feel like dying.

William Massachusetts' Crowning Glory... in Political Campain of never giving up.
William Massachusetts’ Crowning Glory… in Political Campaign of never giving up.

Log Horizon was indeed talky and definitely full of Political propaganda. It was very technical and hard to understand but when there’s action… they deliver it like they mean it.

The talk-a-thon in Log Horizon is still away from being done… Since it’s author was the one who made the story of a Hero teaming up with the ‘Ultimate bad’ to create peace by macro economics. I guess this philosophical battles will continue. But, When it’s action time, be awed and expect only greatness.

[HorribleSubs] Log Horizon 2 - 08 [720p].mkv_snapshot_22.35_[2014.11.23_04.12.37]Extra Picture:


Who would never forget this Mascot Character…

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