12 days of Christmas Presents: 11. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’s plane ride.

from Jojo with Hate and manliness
from Jojo with Hate and manliness.

Jojo’s Bizarre adventure was bizarre and all, it was flashy when there are fights, it was manly when they fight.

For me it was at least better that the first season(still manly), but the thing was this show bored me with talks and never ending talks. Yeah more of Jojo’s bizarre Talks, but with style.

Action did pick-up and the story was ummm…. riveting. The opposition was okay (especially with The Sun, The Sun rocks). And sadly Dio wasn’t there to take the spotlight. Hmm, how I long to see the Jojo and Dio fight.

Well with the first half done. I would probably see more action and hmm, crazy time with the whole cast dealing with Dio’s trashy grunts and Dio Himself. I can’t wait.

*emitting manly aura*
*emitting manly aura*


Joseph Joestar was moe. and at the same time an awesome guy for his age.



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