12 Days of anime Intro.[The Christmas Edition] The Xth day.

Christmas is just around the corner… and the year flew so fast and yet I’m still here stuck with all those shows I had watched, stalled, not watching, dropped and currently watching.

as the snow falls, love also falls...
as the snow falls, love also falls…

To make it short, It’s Christmas and my anime shows are still that many!

Oh well, I can’t really find the motivation to end them all. I simply just can’t do it!


So to commemorate that any day of my life that I actually am doing my best and also to celebrate this coming Holiday(Hmm, Christmas is always a hard deal especially to the monetary aspect of it).

Without Further ado, I’ll be joining the 12 days of anime (christmas edition). which well starts at the 14th of December up to the 25th of December.

This project has been around the web. But, you don’t have to restrict your hand to what shows you had watched from the shows aired this year. You can also do a post on a show that was old but only recently watch. (i.e. Sousei no Aquarion).

Probably I’m gonna be dealing with a lot of material soon as I reach with the last day of the posting campaign.

[gg]_Tokyo_Ravens_-_07_[70AB5735].mkv_snapshot_02.41_[2014.06.09_02.08.23]I’ll be in a tight schedule next week. Goodluck to me!

me and my problems
me and my problems

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