My summer 2014 anime plans

My preview of shows to watch.


[DmonHiro] Love Lab #10 - The Very Best Of The Student Council (By Publisher Request) (BD, 720p) [E3ECEF25].mkv_snapshot_01.10_[2014.07.07_03.28.00]Somehow, I’m reminded that every time I start a season. I always choose what might be the best show around… and I got wrecked… many to mention I juuuusst suck at choosing the right show for me.


Oh well, at least the last season is over… I can start anew.


For those who might be (or maybe not) interested in what will I watch, Here’s a rundown of things.



I got that slice-of-life drama is somehow very good (to my standards), and very decent enough not for me to have a headache after watching a few times.

And from what I watched from the first episode, I guess… It’s a go and God knows that I can only drop this show if I stalled this for too long. (Stalled One-week Friends, and can’t watch it again.)

The main protagonist is a calligrapher who just won an award but was a bit insulted by a critique of a very famous Calligrapher which makes the MC punch the critic(By the way, the critic was an Old man so it really was wrong.). The MC then goes to a Island province (by the recommendation of his dad) to unwind and go ‘soul-searching’. Then, he met a young kid that will change his life and how he looks at it.



earth vs mars drama with robots... Gen Urobotchi's newest Creation.
The Battlefield Studen, The Ex-Earthling and The Princess Of Mars. Earth Vs Mars drama with robots… Gen Urobochi’s newest Creation.

I admit, This one was to be expected… It has good pacing, good Music (tnx to Yuki Kajiura with the beautiful soundtrack), and a good story that can hold it’s ground.


Urobotchi’s 2nd time to create a show with robots and somehow he really did a great job with the story(the first one was a bit bad but I liked how he really sets up his playwright skills.

Sadly to say, as of the moment I really can’t puzzle out the story myself but I can say that it’s a story of ceasefire between Earth and Mars, Then one day… the princess of Mars who was on going to meet the Leaders of Earth was assassinated. Which in turn Made the Martians attacked the Earth with their advanced Weaponry.

P.S.(the Martians I Talked about here are the humans who are now living in Mars)


Futsuu no Joshikousei ga [Locodol] Yatte Mita (Turning Normal High School Girls into Local Idols) (rough, probably inaccurate Translation)

Futsuu no Joshikousei ga [Locodol] Yatte Mita

The title should probably give a hint to what is this show was all about.

I’ll speak less about this one for It might be compared to idol shows like The last season’s Love Live School Idol Project Season Two, The Upcoming IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girl, The IDOLMASTER, AKB0048, Aikatsu! and the so alike shows.


But as far as it goes… probably I’m in into something good.



True Tears V.2
True Tears V.2

Glasslip is one of those teen-centric drama-romance or what the readers may call a ‘Young adult Fiction(‘Young Adult Novels). While this one is an original… Probably one can’t compare on how it’s original source material goes since there was none to begin with.

This show really gives you a teen-spirit romance vibe which by the way I totally missed since True Tears way back in 2007.


What to Expect… Probably a good flow of good interactions and a lot less on teenage angst and somehow I wish they really deliver a really good love story and a really greater story on Friendship.



What could go wrong?
What could go wrong?

Really? What could go Wrong?

In my years of watching shows like this… Which I admit most of them are really good if not very memorable. And as biased as I could say, I think one must have courage to delve to this kind of genre.


Moving back to the topic… It’s a story on finding passion… on what things you must do in order to attain fun (even on the mundanest of things). In loving yourself and in Finding the great and greater people you can call friends… No need to have a very teenage angsty drama or edgy storyline… well we may admit those are a tad better than the ordinary life sequences. That’s how slice-of-life should be.


It’s a plus If I can found another show that is Slice-of -life in nature but not in the settings of school.


Jinsei (this is more of Life Studies group or The Life Career Division)

an xth Light Novel Adaptation
an xth Light Novel Adaptation

I’ll make it short.

It’s the everyday life of a certain MC when one day the president of their Newspaper club told him to work with certain people to form the life advice corner. Then, it’s all about them doing life advice and so on and so forth.


Basically, This one was a trashy review… so I admit I’ll see how this goes But I Think I’m gonna complete this without any fuss.


Rail Wars.

Another LN adaptation
Another LN adaptation

Rail wars was hmmm, to much people in it than trains.

Summary: In the world where the Government controls the Train. It’s about a certain MC who wants to be a train Driver so He applied to a Government School that trains people who want to work in the railway industry. It contains the life of every people who are working in the 4th defense division of the tokyo distric.


Another trashy review by me… I must admit, this show goes nowhere… and I think It’s more geared towards the Rom-com way. (Hopefully I’m Wrong about this one).


Sword Art Online II


The Most Anticipated sequel Sword Art Online.

This time he’ll be playing at a gun-oriented VRMMO game named <Gun Gale Online> and solve the incident involving the rouge Gunner named Death Gun. It also Features the Next story named <Mother’s Rosario> but I’m not gonna give more details to that.


The First season was really bad in few ways like how Asuna’s Character Development changed her from a strong woman into a Damsel-in-Distress. Like How Kirito Turned into a OP character and how the things developed on both their ends. On how Sugou became a crazy, bad and half-assed as a villain.

While I’m never been a fan to this series I still hoped this season salvaged itself because I think this story has potential (I read the Novels too).

But If they still can’t deliver it, Perhaps even the Caliburn Arc only… I’ll forgive them.


Space Dandy (Episodes 13-24)

Space Dandy

It’s the return of the Dandiness of Space Dandy.

Now that it’s back I guess Sundays are not boring anymore.

And I hope I can finally understand how Dandy was became a target of the Gogol Empire.


Yama no Susume 2 [The Mt. Fuji Exploration Team][my own caption with this one]


Yama no Susume is my most anticipated sequel this season… and it’s back with a longer time table (24 Episodes) . and a longer airing times (5-minute to 13-minute episode)


It’s about the story of Aoi and the Gang as they prepare themselves through life and to go to the famous Mt. Fuji.


My Expectations: Simple. I want this show to be filled with fluffiness and to climb to the top of Mt. Fuji. No more, no less. Extra… How about Mt. Everest?


Not mentioned here but I’ll mention it anyway:

Free Season 2 – More Fangirl Screams I’ve heard.

Shirogane no Ishi: Argevollen – Xebex is doing Mecha… and an Original Story, Hope it’s good.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun – For more shoujo tropes… But I liked the cheesiness of this thing.

Shin Strange+ – Strangeness x2

Sailor Moon Crystal – Doing it by delays… The Reboot of an old, but awesome Franchise.

Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance – if somehow was good

Tokyo Ghoul – gorefest and it was very edgy.

Tokyo ESP – Another ‘Tokyo’ named anime… Basically the X-men.

Majimoji Rurumo – ???, I’d better look to see if it’s good.

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? – ???, same as above.


20 shows… what could go wrong?

checking out.

I’m bored…


Probably I’ll stall a few things and I’ll create few post as of now…


But as of the moment. I’ll probably left myself hanging on the line.

[Underwater] Atelier Escha & Logy - Alchemists of the Dusk Sky - 08 (720p) [EF9B8FA0]_HD.mp4_snapshot_02.46_[2014.06.15_01.34.44]


probably a post-spring 2014 anime review or a pre-summer 2014 anime review or a rant of my daily life.